Sydney 2013: A Greener Event

Meeting Venue

The Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre is a world leading green venue, striving to create a more sustainable events industry and encouraging the continuing growth of green venues.

The Centre supports the wider community through our work with food rescue service, OzHarvest. The Centre donates excess pre-packaged food to this not-for-profit organisation. OzHarvest collects and delivers food, free of charge, to over 115 charities across Sydney.

SCEC’s efforts to establish the Centre as a green venue and bring about industry change have resulted in a number of awards and accreditations for the Centre including:

  • Best Green Initiative, Exhibition and Events Association of Australia (EEAA) – 4 years running.
  • ISO 14001:2004 Standard for Environmental Management Systems, 2010
  • Meeting and Events Australia Corporate Social Responsibility award, 2010, 2008, and inaugural award in 2007

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Meeting participants

  • Participants register online or electronically onsite
  • Registration confirmation and e-tickets supplied to participants by email
  • Visa applications/visa invitation letters are sent electronically (scanned copies) to the relevant embassy and National Society representatives
  • Venue is within walking distance of most hotels and/or easily accessible by public transportation
  • Local transport authorities offer discounted public transportation tickets to Sydney hotel guests to encourage use of public transport
  • To minimize freight transportation; wherever practically possible, event equipment and services are sourced locally (A/V equipment, computers, mobile phones, etc).

Onsite registration

  • Onsite registration is done through electronically using self service screens and computers to avoid unnecessary printing and paper usage
  • Wherever practically possible, stationary equipment and delegate packs are reusable
  • Badge cases are reusable and can be returned or kept by participants for re-use

Document distribution and paper management

  • Official meeting documentation is sent to participants via website link or on a USB key
  • Print mail contact list databases are checked regularly, duplicates removed and lists updated to avoid unnecessary print and mail costs
  • Only one printed set of official documentation is provided per delegation and/or upon request
  • All print handouts and photocopying is double sided
  • Announcements are made on monitors at the event centre
  • Session name plates are reusable
  • All documents, images and session details are accessible via the website and on the ICRC and IFRC websites
  • Daily Video Bulletins will be posted to the website and will include interviews and round-ups of the meetings, workshops and side events.
  • Distribution of print brochures, publications and handouts that are not working documents is limited and provided upon request or on a “help yourself” basis
  • Production of workshop and side events documents will be kept to a minimum and monitored
  • The venue and event organisers engage suppliers/printers who follow environmentally friendly standards.


In order to make your stay comfortable block bookings have been made in hotels with well established eco-friendly green practices.  We note that all hotels and their staff have committed to sustainable development and apply them in their daily work. Examples:

  • Attention is paid to refuse; adequate recycling practices are put in place for different waste categories
  • Energy awareness is treated as a priority.  Water, electricity and fuel consumption are monitored and adequate measures are in place to reduce the consumption of different kinds of energy
  • Housekeeping techniques indicate that hotels are optimising the use of appliances (air conditioning, heating etc), and of cleaning products, amenity dispenser’s are in place, towel and linen re use programmes are in place
  • Staff is trained to follow through on the commitment to sustainable development
  • Guests are encouraged to use public transport, cycle ways and footpaths
  • Guest are encouraged to recycle and information on greening practices is made available to guests
  • Some hotels use only local food producers and suppliers


  • During their stay, meeting participants are encouraged to make use of the public transportation
  • The conference venue is  easily accessible by public transport and/or within walking distance from most of the hotels
  • Upon arrival at the Sydney Airport there are rail and bus public transportation options available for those wishing to use the public transport to reach their hotel
  • Some hotels have a free shuttle service, buses leave from designated areas in front of the airport’s arrivals area

Wellbeing of conference participants

As the Red Cross Red Crescent we care for the wellbeing of our members and participants attending our meetings. Whilst ensuring that meetings run in a professional and smooth manner, we do our utmost to provide also a pleasant environment, such as:

  • By acknowledging and respecting the diversity and multi cultural wealth of our participants staff is expected to treat participants with respect and vice versa
  • By providing spaces to relax, such as a terrace, cafeteria, a small garden, sofas and armchairs, an exhibition area, in the conference venue
  • By designating a prayer area in the conference venue


All staff and support personnel as well as meeting participants are kindly requested to:

  • Respect the “green house rules” in hotels
  • Use public transportation as much as possible
  • Respect the recycling systems in place at the conference venue
  • Turn off desk/room lights when leaving the room (staff)
  • Turn off computers at the end of the day
  • Print as little as possible
  • Maximize paper use by setting smaller margins and use both sides of the sheet