The three pillars of the Global Youth Conference


In less than a month around 200 youth participants from all over the world are gathering in Sydney, Australia for the Red Cross Red Crescent Global Youth Conference (GYC). This post explains the themes that will be discussed during the conference.

During the GYC the participants will set a vision of the world beyond 2015, discuss how to shape the humanitarian landscape through the implementation of the IFRC Youth Engagement Strategy (Y.E.S.), and prepare for the Statutory Meetings that comes after the GYC.

Pillar 1: Setting a vision of the world beyond 2015
As we near the end of the UN Millennium Development Goals, it is time for the International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement (RCRC), one of the key actors in the humanitarian and development sphere, to voice its position on the way forward beyond 2015. In order to inspire, challenge, and inform youth delegates of our shared global humanitarian challenges, we will begin with two inspirational keynote speakers who will provide the backdrop to the theme. The keynote speakers will be followed by an interactive panel discussion, and then a specific session that will explore the particular role of RCRC youth in creating a better world through taking action.

Pillar 2: Youth shaping the humanitarian landscape through the implementation of the IFRC Y.E.S.

After setting the scene for increased RCRC investments into youth development and engagement through the developmental lens of the Post-2015 Development Agenda, this pillar will feature the Y.E.S. as a global, unifying, and strategic tool in facilitating development and shaping the humanitarian landscape through RCRC action. Its effectiveness will be assessed and delegates will explore what must be done to ensure that the Y.E.S. achieves its aspirations and goals.

Pillar 3: Preparing for participation and interventions in the General Assembly and the Council of Delegates
While acknowledging that all youth delegates will be full members of their national Red Cross or Red Crescent society delegations to the Statutory meetings, this pillar will introduce significance of the RCRC Statutory meetings, how they work, and how to participate in them effectively. In order to prepare youth leaders for active and meaningful participation in the Statutory meetings, rules and procedures for the meetings will be explained. The various formal and informal means of engaging in discussions will also be explored.

For a detailed description of the purpose, implementation, outcomes and preparations for each of the three GYC pillars please visit this page.

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